Why It’s Important to Know Everything about Fish Bowls

7 Questions to Help Navigate a Hyper-Tailored Mediascape

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1. By what lens was the information we are reading gathered?

It is critical to foster a lens that stewards knowledge toward peacemaking.

2. Through what lens was the information we are presented interpreted?

3. How might reading a variety of sources help guard against information bias?

4. How can we steward information in a way that seeks flourishing rather than destruction?

5. In what ways are we interpreting complex issues of a broken world through a reduced lens?

Your lens matters as much as the media’s.

I have to stop and remember my own dignity as I seek to then re-elevate the view of others’ dignity.

A failure to pursue peacemaking out of the information we possess is a failure to advocate.

6. In what ways are we advocating but not doing?

May we share, post, tweet, talk, protest and advocate through deeds that seek the flourishing and promotion of life and dignity in ourselves and others.

7. How could our words cultivate life in this situation?

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