Rude Is Relative

5 Why’s to Get Through the Holidays

1. Why ask why?

Every human being has an intrinsic desire to be known, to be loved and to make an impact. How one is wired genetically, influenced spiritually and shaped environmentally all influence the way this manifests.

2. Why do I feel this way?

Starting with oneself is critical. Too often, we jump to assessing someone else without considering how we contribute to both what is happening around us and how we interpret those actions.

3. Why are they acting this way?

Americans really struggle with seeing the inseparable relationship to space and history. I can easily view actions as occurring in a vacuum, where my home and workplace are mere stages to act upon instead of contributing to who I am.

4. Why do I want this to be different?

You too are not living in a vacuum. You are a dynamic human being with your own hopes and expectations coming into the holidays.

5. Why do I see their words as rude?

This is the hardest. When we have walked through understanding our values, their experiences and our expectations, we approach reframing their actions and words around the values that stem from them.

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