Instant Grati-thief

Fast-food culture both enhances, ignores and isolates grief.

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Slow down.

We make our resolutions, but slow down our expectation of results. A lot of times, it just hurts at the start. Like that injured player, the game will end and then the pain of ignorance will catch up.

Stop talking.

Every human being is three things at the same time: One who has dreams of an Eden-like state, one who feels the pain of paradise lost and one who knows another who feels that pain of loss.

“I know that I shouldn’t be upset he broke up with me.”

“I know that I shouldn’t have wanted that job so badly.”

“I know that God is in control.”

But sometimes, we need to just shut it after saying one thing: “This hurts.”

Accept sans pattern.

We pick up our Game Boy and play for the fun of it and the hope that maybe we will get the Mew or finally defeat Ganon. It’s possible, but not guaranteed.


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